God talked to me again last night.   I was in a large town square in the midst of a very large city. It was like being on Trafalgar Square in London. However, everything was different as it is in reality.  Instead of the big monument in the middle of the square there was only a big […]

Impulses for 2009 – Pastor Johannes W. Matutis – Berlin, Germany

Hi, God has given me 2 strong messages for the coming year 2009. HE said to me: “My children, I am with you at all times. Do not be afraid. I still have everything under control. Do not believe the opinions of the unbelieving. Remember only this: ‘I, The Lord am always with you’.” The […]

This is the day of my “mobilization”

VERSIUNEA IN ROMANESTE ESTE MAI IN JOS PE PAGINA. Hi, the Lod God gave me a very important vision. I must inform you of it. Perhaps it is important for you and helpful. Pastor Johannes W. Matutis, ( Berlin / Germany ) www.nnk-berlin.de (english menu) While I was praying this morning, God gave me a […]