God Looks: Where His Grace Began

If you could draw God’s love on a graph, it would be a straight line all throughout eternity, never curving or dipping even a millimeter, no matter what happens. God is the one and only God whose love is immeasurable, radical, and eternal. Immeasurable because He gave His one and only Son for us, His […]

Evangelical Lutherans abandon Bible teaching on homosexuality

Iata ca dupa Biserica Episcopala din America si Biserica Evanghelica Luterana a votat vineri 21 august 2009 cu 559 voturi pentru si 451 de voturi impotriva , o motiune prin care vor fi acceptati pastorii homosexuali car au parteneri stabili. Biserica Evanghelica Luterana americana care numara 4,6 milioane de credinciosi raspanditi in 10,000 de congregatii […]

Sarah Palin Full Resignation Speech

Sarah Palin Full Resignation Speech Uploaded by therightscoop. – Watch the latest news videos.


God talked to me again last night.   I was in a large town square in the midst of a very large city. It was like being on Trafalgar Square in London. However, everything was different as it is in reality.  Instead of the big monument in the middle of the square there was only a big […]

Hollywood and God

Urmariti mai jos interviurile luate de Ray Comfort :

Impulses for 2009 – Pastor Johannes W. Matutis – Berlin, Germany

Hi, God has given me 2 strong messages for the coming year 2009. HE said to me: “My children, I am with you at all times. Do not be afraid. I still have everything under control. Do not believe the opinions of the unbelieving. Remember only this: ‘I, The Lord am always with you’.” The […]