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Norway’s Dark History with Children

IstoriaNorvegieiDear friends, Delight in Truth would like to inform you about Norway’s crimes against the Lebensborn Children. It will provide a chilling historical context to understand what is happening to Child Protective Services (CPS) in that country today.Between 1940 and 1945, hundreds of thousands of German soldiers were part of the Nazi occupying force in Norway. The Lebensborn program encouraged Nazi soldiers to pursue relationships and have children with Norwegian women because Nazi ideology considered them a pure Aryan race.This social experiment in eugenics produced approximately 12,000 children who were later labeled the Lebensborn Children. Such war children were born in countries acrossEurope, but in Norway they have a special story that continues even today. In fact, FridaLyngstad, one of the singers of 1970s-80s pop band ABBA is a Lebensborn Child.During the war, the pregnant mothers and the children were given special care and were considered to be genetically superior to the average Norwegian. But after the war ended, these children became social outcasts in Norway. Some were abandoned, someended up in orphanages, and many were confiscated by the state and subjected to mistreatment.Norway placed many of these children in mental asylums and special institutions where they were physically, sexually and psychologically abused. Many of them who are now in their 60s tell horrifying stories of how they were tied to their bed, unable to play outside, having to relieve themselves in the same place where they ate their food. The mothers who had their children confiscated never saw them again.In the last 15 years the Lebensborn children have been fighting a hardened Norway government in the court system to get Norway to acknowledge their crimes and human rights violations, and to get compensation for lost childhoods.This Norway, perhaps the most developed country in the world by their own standards, continues to confiscate about 2-3000 children per year, targeting mostly immigrant and mixed Norwegian children. Critics of the CPS (Barnevernet) claim that as low as 1% of those cases actually involve the type of violence where the children would be taken from home in other comparable countries.Considering this background, it is not surprising to read in the media about the five Bodnariu kids which were removed from their loving parents without investigation, without warning, without attempting to help the family first. Accusations against the family are severe, despite any physical evidence of violence on the kids. There ishowever evidence that CPS may have manipulated the kids to incriminate the parents, and the system tried to have the parents sign affidavits to incriminate each other.Delight in Truth has tried to look at both sides of the story as available in the media, but it is evident that the Bodnarius have been treated unfairly. Some well-informed legal authorities from the Romanian parliament (senator Titus Corlatean) claim they have been treated criminally.I do not know if the Norwegian government is realizing what is about to happen world-wide starting in January 2016 with extensive protests in Europe and America in front of their embassies, and how this will destroy Norway’s image in the world.I pray they will resolve the Bodnariu case and return the kids to their parents immediately, while taking a long look at their history and step up to reform CPS.


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