Mr. Knut Nygaard Writes a Letter to Help Bodnariu

If you spend any time on Delight in Truth, you know Mr Knut Nygaard. He is an employee of Barnevernet in the larger city of Bergen, Norway, and he has been defending the CPS as a whole. Having said that, Mr Nygaard has had reservations about the way the Bodnariu case has been handled in […]

Norwegian Resident: What has Norway Become

This article was written by a resident of Naustdal (same county as the Bodnariu family) and published in  the newspaper Firda. Translated by Marianne Skanland. Segments posted with permission: *** “Personally I feel strongly for the [Bodnariu] family and I believe they are being treated very unjustly. It is a strange thing that this is […]

Ruth Bodnariu’s father – letter for local government and Norwegian media

We have not wanted to come out openly in the media, because it can so easily be misunderstood. But based on the article in Firda (translator´s comment: The local newspaper) by the Chief Administrative Officer of Naustdal county, and the editorial in the newspaper, we find it necessary to tell about the factual circumstances around […]

Barnevernet Sinking Despite the Progressive Romanian Defenders

The Norwegian CPS (Barnevernet) is taking a beating like never before. There are more victims who now have the courage to come public with their stories. There are reports of directors resigning.  There are horrifying reports that children are dying in the system. Some activists are saying that on average 2 children die per week […]

Oradea alături de familia Bodnariu – video rezumat


Norvegia, copiii luaţi de la părinţi și protestantismul

Modul în care se iau copiii de la părinţi în Norvegia îngrozeşte tot mai multă lume şi cere o explicaţie. Norvegia este o ţară europeană civilizată, cu o cultură avansată şi cunoscută, alături de Danemarca şi de Suedia, ca o societate proverbial de corectă şi de cinstită. În ultima vreme, însă, Norvegia surprinde prin atitudinea […]

Norway’s Dark History with Children

Dear friends, Delight in Truth would like to inform you about Norway’s crimes against the Lebensborn Children. It will provide a chilling historical context to understand what is happening to Child Protective Services (CPS) in that country today.Between 1940 and 1945, hundreds of thousands of German soldiers were part of the Nazi occupying force in […]