God talked to me again last night.  
I was in a large town square in the midst of a very large city.
It was like being on Trafalgar Square in London.
However, everything was different as it is in reality.  Instead of the big monument in the middle of the square there was only a big marble stone. The following words were written on the monument:

There was traffic like it always is, and people didn’t even notice.
It appeared to me as if I was the only one who noticed the monument.
It was like as if this message was meant to be read only for people that
believed in something else, or saw something different, that understood the
supernatural. I stood there, mesmerized, and said to the passer-bys,
folks: “Don’t you see it!” It is written with big letters: “GOD HAS THE LAST

I stood there and started preaching to the passer-bys.
Folks, listen, God has the last word. I was giving a long sermon, some people
stopped and listened but the crowd passed by thoughtlessly.
I can only remember that I said: “God has the last word”, again and again
I was repeating this sentence.

Here are a few sentences out of this VISION DREAM SERMON that I can recall.
I said things like: “It is not the circumstances, not the crisis’s, not the catastrophes that have the last word. It is God, who has the last word, here and now”.

I said: “People, don’t be afraid, don’t be distressed, don’t become
desperate, God has the last word.”

It was just bubbling out of me as I preached on in my spirit:

“It is not the illness; it is God that has the last word. It is not the terror, not the ones
without God, not the mockers, not the atheists, not the iniquity, not even
the sin but “God Has The Last Word”. It is not the business collapse, not the
bankruptcy, not the inflation, but “God Has The Last Word” in all of this.”

Some of the passer-bys that stopped and listened to me briefly, said: “Yes
Pastor, you are right” but walked right on. I was shocked about the
indifference of God’s people, of men at all. I thought to myself, aren’t
there any Christians in this big city, aren’t there any god fearing people,
none that would affirm God. Are all of them heathen?

Nobody appeared to be concerned about their future? They were all pretty cool, preoccupied and
driven with their own daily agendas and appointments. It was apparent that my
open preaching to all of them of God’s message wasn’t even important.
They appeared that they haven’t even grasped the seriousness of the present
world situation and their role in it. They kept on going about their daily
chores as if there wasn’t anything to be concerned about.

At this moment I awoke and asked God what this was all about and I asked
the Lord, what do you want me to do?

Then God said to me, “broadcast this message to the whole world, and tell everyone that you can reach: ‘God Has the Last Word’. If they pay attention to it or not, if they believe it or not..
it is the truth that will vindicate.”

And that is exactly what I am going to do, this morning, with this message.
Don’t get desperate, folks! Don’t surrender; take all the negative information and refuse to accept it. Not the doctors, not the scientists, not the mighty ones in the world but “God Has the Last Word.”
Believe in the word of God and its promises. Believe in the truth, believe in
the goodness, believe in life and believe in the revelation of the Holy Spirit.

And the Lord GOD said to me:

“Tell My People, in particular, that they should believe in Me even more as they believe in fellow men, its circumstances and its present situation as they presently perceive it. My People should start
trusting in Me again. , I still have the last word, says the LORD.
Tell them, said the LORD to me….that they should not let themselves become
discouraged by the acts of the doubters, pessimists and evil doers. That they
should not become discouraged by the ones that put them into misery and
poverty, put them into trouble, rob them of their belongings, undo their works and constantly block them of their wants, then it is said that I, the Lord God, have the last word over them as well.
I witnessed your truthfulness, I have seen your struggle, I have heard your
prayers and hence, I have the last word on such things, too, says the LORD. Wait a little while, as soon you will see that I will procure one’s right for those that abide in ME.”

Pastor Joh.W.Matutis

E-Mail: pastor@matutis. de

Sursa : www.nnk-berlin. de  

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